Synanthrope Spotting

spotting copy
Synanthrope Spotting asks participants to think critically about animal behavior, the spaces we share with animals, and improving the spaces for wild co-habitants.

A synanthrope is an animal that thrives in a man-made environment. After a brief presentation on animal adaptation, form small groups. Discuss with group different personal encounters with animals in the home or city. What was the animal doing and what types of behavior did the animal display? Did the animal seem distressed or satisfied with its circumstances near humans?  Use Synanthrope Spotting worksheet to draw or write down the species seen under the different the location categories and their actions.

  • Each group will consider how they can improve spaces for urban wildlife based on their observations of the animal’s behavior at the time it was seen.
  • Think about how each location could be redesigned to better benefit the animal co-habitant similar to Calder’s project Impact Proof.
  • Use words or drawings to illustrate the solution to meet the animal’s needs. One person from each group will present their favorite or most clever solution from the group discussion.

Download Synanthrope Spotting worksheet

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