S’mores Cart Visits the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art

This weekend was my first visit to Omaha with the S’mores cart. S’mores cart was invited to return to the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art to provide treats for visiting artist, Tatsuya Nakatani’s performance, and for the commencement of the Regional Exhibition. Yours truly made a very charismatic s’mores girl bringing home the big tips. S’mores cart offered an assortment of combinations including coconut encrusted marshmallows, peeps and Nutella.

The Bemis staff was so accommodating and kind during our visit. We want to especially thank Joel Damon, the Underground gallery’s curator. Both Joel and Heather, the residency program manager, expressed interest in my project the Synanthrope Station. This could mean a possible commission or the chance to break in the new ceramic/sculpture facilities.

It was an enriching experience to be a visiting artist. Kurt and I settled in the largest studio apartment during our stay at the residency and for the first time fantasized about a more transient lifestyle as artists.


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