My Last Day at Red Star Studios

paul smith and me as teapots

Paul Anthony Smith and me as teapots at Red Star's Belger location.

It has been an exciting three years at Red Star. I started out in February 2009, as a senior in ceramics at KCAI, on the hill at the old Red Star Yeast Factory. In 2010, all of the pots and I moved to our temporary location at the Belger Arts Center. In 2011, the Red Star team and I represented Kansas City in an exhibition at the Tampa NCECA, I continued to curate some amazing shows in the Belger Arts Center space, and I trained our gallery manager, Michael Baxley. This is my last weekend at Red Star. My plans are to spend more time in my studio, and focus on my position at the Kansas City Art Institute. Red Star has changed a lot since I began. I wish the new crew best of luck at the new studios and beyond.

Today the staff threw me an unexpected going away party. Our Executive Director, Evelyn Craft, sincerely mentioned how it was my presence in the gallery and our conversations that initiated the transformation of Red Star into a partner with the Belger Arts Center. It’s exciting to know how building a professional relationship, in this community, can motivate some amazing changes. I will always be an advocate for the arts in this city.

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