September Animal Log

September 4th, going camping! There were road kill corpses seen on the entrance to Highway Five from Highway Seven. At the campsite I immediately saw a kingfisher by the water. Later, two vultures circled our coolers once we were in the middle of the pond. Enormous mosquitos impaled us while we gathered kindling. Jupiter was so bright it lit up the night sky. We were woken up by the sound of coyotes and owls, but the wildest thing we encountered were the four-year-old humans.
September 5th, a female Dachshund greeted us at breakfast time. I listen to the songs of birds I’ve never heard before. We spot a male goldfinch feasting on seeds.
September 10thstarlings take over the back of the Wendy’s on Main. It’s been a long time since I have seen the Wendy’s cat.
September 16th, there was an albino pigeon resting with a flock on the old Federal Reserve of Kansas City.
September 17th, I make eye contact with a quarter horse about a block away from  the Royal parade. Dead groundhog on 435 entrance in Mission. Listened to blue jays cry in Columbus Park.
September 19thpigeons seen from my pARTnerhsip studio window. On top of the gazebo in our yard, a male praying mantis is seen slowly dying .
September 21st, I see three migrating monarchs.
September 25th, I saw three monarch butterflies on the road towards the campsite. This time we go for a nature hike.
September 27th, roadkill rabbit remains on Charlotte and 6th.

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